Ready to Travel

Ready to Travel

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Prisoners and eagles

Tuesday's expedition was another driving tour. We made our first stop the State of Maine Prison giftshop. Another recommendation from my brother. No pictures allowed as there are actual prisoners working in the store. Guess once you've appeared on America's Most Wanted you've used up all your allotted camera time. There were some very beautifully made items in there - furniture, cutting boards, bird houses, sculptures, wooden ship models. We purchased no souvenirs, however. Onward to Rockland and the longest breakwater I've ever seen. Apparently the mackerel fishing is good here. Lots of money, big boats, nice country club.
Aside from it's obvious use, this breakwater functions as a jogging track, dog walking track and a sidewalk where people stroll up and down exchanging relationship advice (from the tidbits of conversation overheard during our walk)
From Rockland through Camden. Lots of inns, b&b's, hotels, castles, tourists. The traffic on Main Street crawls along. Lots of money here too.

Last stop before home - Belfast - for some liquid refreshment at a local pub.
Wednesday starts with a trip to the local Ford dealer. The transmission is slipping on the truck. Has been for a while and it's already been re-set once in Ontario. Just keep drivin' it is the advice we're given. We've booked a pontoon boat cruise down the Kennebec River with a notion to photograph nature if we can find any. Turns out Kevin got some great shots of seals and there are eagles galore. Here are some of Kevin's pics.

The boat captain has a full time job selling industrial machinery  but spends a lot of time in summer on the river with his cruise business. He's a really personable guy with a real down east accent. Born and raised in Bath. Good times -- it was byob - he provides the cooler, the ice, the water and the potty. Love beer, warm wind, water and eagles. Great day.
There are two eagles in this picture. The young one is at the lower right of the tree and one parent is on the left. It just landed. The other parent is hovering around and it will also land in the tree. Kevin got some great action shots.