Ready to Travel

Ready to Travel

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day 4 of the odyssey

Breakfast in Billings, Montana then southwest toward Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Opening my room curtains I saw 3 deer foraging along the property line. Spotted more deer on the roadside, lots of magpies and even wapiti as I neared the Idaho border. (Dad, because you asked, according the GPS it's 857 kilometres.) The drive, for the most part, was uneventful. Saw the Beartooth Mountains, the Crazy Mountains and the Tobacco Root Mountains.
Saw the Yellowstone River several times along with Clark Ford (another river that drains a lot of Montana and Idaho). Crossed the continental divide again at 6,393 feet during a bit of a snowstorm. Both hands on the wheel, no hands on a camera. Wasn't too bad and didn't require windshield wipers. Closer to Idaho though, it was sleety and nasty and the wipers were required. The speed limit on dry road was 60 mph and there was one 18 wheeler that passed me! State troopers abound although I never see them until someone is pulled over roadside. Do they spot with copters and then send these guys out? You don't see them hiding by the roadside.
Hit another time zone when I crossed into Idaho. I'm now 3 hours behind most of you.
As promised here are pics.
 Somewhere in Minnesota
 New Salem, Minnesota with the world's biggest cow
 On the border of Minnesota and Montana - National Grasslands
 Theodore Roosevelt National Park in Minnesota

 This is the Yellowstone River in Minnesota

Leaving Billings Montana
Somewhere between Billings and Butte Montana

See those nasty storm clouds on the horizon?

At a rest stop about 40 miles from the Idaho border

Getting closer to Idaho and another storm