Ready to Travel

Ready to Travel

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Can't believe it's Salt Spring

T-shirts, capris and a wee bit of sunburn on my face. Too good to be true. It's a lovely day here on the island. Even the deer are celebrating - all 4 of them- making short work of the hydrangeas on the front porch. The life of an innkeeper is proving fun and interesting. A variety of people from near and far...Alberta, B.C., Ontario, Texas, Oregon, California.....
Bought two freshly butchered 5 pound chickens from a local and they are safely in my freezer. Yesterday they were free rangin', drug free, lovingly raised chickens. Today they're dinner. I'm also getting two dozen eggs  delivered to my door every Tuesday. The yolks are so golden, the eggs so delicious. You can really taste the difference. The scrambled eggs actually taste buttery and the creme brulee......'beyond' as my friend Alice would say.

Here are some pics taken on a few walks over the last couple of days.
If I only had a crossbow.

Yarn bombed stop sign - only here!

It's a wonder this isn't yarn bombed.

Teensy weensy (dead) crabby

The view from my easychair.