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Ready to Travel

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Today there's a riddle

Just when I was starting to lament the fact I didn't have anything exciting to write about....destiny intervened. As my husband is fond of quoting "Be careful what you wish for".
Thursday and Friday were planned days off the island. I was heading over to visit my friend Chris who is housesitting in a lovely rural area in Saanich and to pick up a lamp I found on line. So the fun starts on Thursday morning when I realize I've used the wrong ferry schedule and my ship sales at 9:50 not 10:30. Given that there are no reservations and it is a small ferry site I had to get a move on.
Made it (and wasn't the last car on the boat) and enjoyed the 35 minute ride over to Swartz Bay sitting in my car and reading. (Only the tourists get out and sit in the freezing wind). Once we arrived they let the big trucks off first...which was fine...except it was low tide and trucks with a low centre don't fare so well. Low tide causes the ramp angle to change and the big Thrifty's grocery store 18 wheeler made it over but wouldn't ya know it...the septic tank truck got hung up. The big RV behind it braked in time or we would have been dealing with a nastier emergency.  So everyone got out of their cars and milled around watching the 'action'. 40 minutes later they'd winched him off the apron and we proceeded.
So I'm cruising down Highway 17, sunny day, lovely and warm. Reach my exit off the highway take the ramp and come to a stop waiting for the traffic to flow past me (there's only one lane on this road and it's busy).
So here comes the riddle. "What do a bar fight and a traffic accident have in common?" ANSWER :You hope the other guy gets it worse than you do.

Yep, another of Victoria's stellar senior citizens 'assumes' I'm going to go and plows right into the back of me. He wasn't going fast and the car I drive turns out to be a beast. Bent one of my dual exhaust pipes, muffler rattling like mad, back bumper dented a bit, paint taken off - but I hardly moved.  Minimal damage to my vehicle, NO damage to me. Given all the years and miles I've been driving this was a pretty good first accident. The 2002 Grand Caravan that plowed into me didn't far too well, though. Things were leaking. Things were steaming. And the poor bugger didn't have another vehicle.
So once the police and insurance were called my friend Chris came to pick me up. Here's another thing you need to know...if your insurance company is based in Ontario and you have an accident somewhere else be prepared for THEM to ask YOU where the car should go for repairs. I guess because I've actually been in the city of Saanich for 1 hour I'll know where everything is. Anyway, insurance called the tow truck. Insurance found the body shop (CAA approved). Insurance booked a rental.
We had a lovely, lovely policeman handling our accident (I think Chris took quite the shine to him). He asked the other driver what happened and while the guy was stumbling through his explanation ('cause basically he wasn't looking where he was going) the cop had this cute smirk on his face. At the end of the 'story' the cop says "so basically, you weren't looking ahead while you were driving". The cop told me he was considering giving this man a ticket and that he was making him 100% at fault in the accident. He asked me what I thought about giving the guy a ticket and I said the poor bastard had already been through enough. Lord knows what his wife was gonna say when he got home. Anyhow, other driver's insurance accepting 100% at fault, my deductible is waived and my car is in the shop in Victoria for God knows how long.
The Ford Edge is nice - has some nice features but the stuff I don't like is a deal breaker.
The front dashboard area is huge and the hood is so low. This combination means it's hard (for me) to judge the nose distance. Shoulder checking to the right is hard 'cause the window configuration in the back creates a big blind spot. BUT, to compensate for this, each of the side mirrors has a little orange disc that lights up when a car is in your blind spot. See what happens when you've been out of the car market for 8 years...they build in neat stuff like this.
I have bluetooth for my phone and Sirius satellite commercials woo hoo.
So, when everything is settled Chris and I head back to the ranch for some calm time. Later in the day we took Poppy for a walk along the Dallas Road sea walk, then on to a wonderful Thai meal, then a bonfire.
The mountains of Washington over there.

West Coast architecture

Chris and Poppy

Friday is a trip into Victoria to buy this crazy lamp. Then brunch at home, berry picking and then just lolling in the sun the rest of the day. Took Poppy for a walk around the neighbourhood then a snack and a dash for the ferry.
Enough excitement for 3 blogs!!!