Ready to Travel

Ready to Travel

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Acadia National Park and Bar Harbour (canadian spelling)

I am blessed with friends and family with a great sense of humour. Have a look at the sign below. I'm sure you'll all come up with something as funny and ironic as I did when I first encountered it. That's why I had to take the picture.

If any of you were imagining the latrine outside a Mexican Cantina after a night of bad enchiladas and wormy tequila......raise your hands.
OK - pooh humour aside we had a fantastic time. We drove the backroads to Bar Harbour and arrived in about 3 hours. The town was touristy but not too crowded. I totally blew the Paleo thing, though. Lunch was fish and chips (but only a few chips), then I found a BLUEBERRY soft serve icecream so I had to have that too. Then at dinner I had a blueberry daiquiri and Kevin finally broke down and had blueberry pancakes today. But one bad day in a month of being pretty good is all right, isn't it?

We summitted Cadillac Mountain, the highest point in the park. OK so we did it in a car. 1560 feet of switchbacks and there were several people doing it on bikes and not breaking out in a sweat. I think Linda Jo and Kevin should plan a week cycling here and give the spin class a rest.
We have observed several Ontario license plates. Some might be from the KW area as witnessed below.

Driving around the park reminded me a lot of Cape Breton Island although you could get a lot closer to the ocean here in Maine.  One woman asked a park ranger where you could walk and he said anywhere. But if you fell in they'd throw you a rope and the rest would be up to you. God's way of cleaning out the gene pool.
In the shot below, the only thing between me and the water 100 feet down was the cliff edge and common sense. In Canada every place you could potentially get into trouble would be roped off, taped off, barricaded to the hilt with warning signs in two official languages.