Ready to Travel

Ready to Travel

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hey, Hey, I'm in Santa Fe

Made it here safe and sound but had a few bumps on the way. Somehow between home and Chicago my phone got bumped around and put itself on keypad lock. Had no idea how to unlock it. Paid $6.95 to get wifi access in the airport and contacted hubby who contacted Telus who told me what to do. First problem fixed.
Landed in Denver and had to walk the length of the terminal to my gate for the flight to Albuquerque. The board in the holding gate said 'final boarding call'. Never heard the first boarding call. Told me I was the last passenger and I ran across the tarmac to the plane. It was just a little one that held about 30 people and we flew lower than the big jets. The mountains in southern colorado/northern new mexico are gorgeous. All the cottonwood trees have turned a deep golden colour and it looks as though somehow has sprinkled pollen all over the hillsides.
Landed in Albuquerque during a heavy rainstorm. Got the van, programmed the GPS and headed for Santa Fe about an hour away.
My host is a charming artist, formerly from Maine (that's where he is travelling now). He has a lovely house and a large studio where he makes his sculputures and an awesome Burnese Mountain Dog. He is very friendly and very calm and is big enough to handle coyotes.
Looking out the windows at lots of clouds, beautiful sunshine. Can smell rosemary and sage all around outdoors and there are very interesting birds. There are so many windows and beautiful views all around.
Highways have lots of gorgeous, beautifully maintained old pickup trucks. People here drive and walk the same way - not really paying attention to what's around them. Just doing what they need to do and hoping you'll steer clear.
Drove into Santa Fe today to trade the van for a car and hit a few grocery stores, Walmart and the battery store to get my Hello Kitty watch up and running again.

Radio announcer says more rain for tomorrow which is messing up the International Balloon Festival but not much can be done about that.

Here's some pics to enjoy.