Ready to Travel

Ready to Travel

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Death by dairy

First thing I need to do is a shout out to my brother Ted. This one's for you brosef.

Friday was our last day of real work on the farm. After tending to the animals we headed out to the beef farm. Kevin manned the gas powered weed whipper and I manned the scythe. I felt like the awesome goddess of death. One swipe and stuff was laid waste and DEAD. Made me wish I had it when I was riding the subway in Toronto but that's another story. Back to the Ponderosa to do some laundry, pack and ready the room for the next wwoofer. Jenn has headed off to Waterbury for the weekend and Jess will be attending a Volkswagen Van owner campout. She has an awesome 70's VW van that she drove to Vermont from Missouri accompanied by her killer dachshund, Ralph. She's painted the outside in an interesting way and usually comes out of the General Store to find people gawking at it or photographing it. People have come from as far away as Nova Scotia to attend this event. Is it too much to hope that they'll be piping in some Donna Summer Disco music?

Saturday finds us on the road and headed for Brunswick, Maine. Through New Hampshire in less time than it takes to drive to my parents in Windsor. Just after we crossed from New Hampshire into Maine we stopped for gas at a Mobile station. They advertised that they sold ice cream. It was hard ice cream which Kevin likes so we both ordered a small. Two cones came to $6.00. I actually had to tell the girl to stop scooping 'cause the size of the thing was starting to scare me. More than 2 scoops but a little less than 3. Don't want to know what the large looked like. The 90 degree heat finally got the better of Kevin's cone. He couldn't keep up and had to transfer the darn thing to a bowl. Even then, I had to throw out half of mine.
We made landfall in Brunswich around 5 pm. and unpacked and enjoyed a cool brown pop on the back patio. It looks like a great place and we're looking forward to riding our bikes around and walking on Maine Street. Over the next week we hope to find the ocean and sample lots of seafood.