Ready to Travel

Ready to Travel

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hello Beantown

Saturday starts as a glorious day, sunny and warm. Kevin sneaks out for an early morning pre-breakfast and I have mine at the much more reasonable time of 10:30 at a funky little diner in Boston. Steak and eggs. Breakfast of champions (or paleos)
Boston is an incredible city. There are old buildings wedged between new ones. New ones built incorporating the old ones and an incredible boardwalk around the waterfront. There are splash pads in little parks all over the place for kids and dogs to play in. So many wonderful restaurants and patios.

 If you don't want to eat on the patio, waltz up to this guy. A grilled cheese food truck. How sweet is that?  There was a park with a neat sculpture that every 30 seconds or so sprayed out a fine mist of water which was so helpful today with the heat and the sun.

We never saw litter; we never saw trash bags and we were never approached by panhandlers. The Business Improvement Association hires a team of people to clean the streets. They also run an umbrella patrol - if it's raining they'll escort you where you need to go under an umbrella. Carrying shopping bags? They'll carry them for you to your car/subway/bus stop. Lost? They'll help you find your way....and they are very friendly. What a great idea. Wish they had them in Toronto.
This is the building where the Declaration of Independence was read for the very first time.

One of Boston's many photographers. Recognize the shoes?