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Ready to Travel

Monday, October 24, 2011

Bye bye Taos

Saturday we spent on a photo safari with Bob Ayre -one time aeronautics engineer, atomic bomb salesman, silversmith and photographer. We visited the Taos Pueblo - claiming to be the longest occupied village in America, the plaza and downtown area and San Francisco De Asis church.

The shot above was taken in a Trading Post. I thought using old stirrups as containers to display this stuff was pretty cool.
 A mockingbird.

The Taos Inn is pretty famous. Inside you'll find Doc Martin's restaurant (named after a local doctor who was generous about taking payment in chickens instead of money), the Adobe Bar and it's an inn. We went in Saturday night for margueritas, dinner, more margueritas. We sat in the bar which was a great opportunity to people watch. At 7pm a fantastic flamenco show started. We loved the whole day.
The picture above with the dog is funny. It says The History of the U.S. according to Michelle Bachman's dog. In 1776 George Washington and John Quincy Adams sailed to Americal aboard the Nina, the Pinata and the Santa Claus where they freed all the slaves in Massachusetts except the gay ones."
Found out a few interesting factoids about the state - you do not have to get your car safety inspected - EVER. The state has been a state for less than 100 years (the anniversary is 2012) and, until 10 years ago, there was no building code. That explains why they only have 1 washroom in a restaurant that holds 100 people (and that's a co-ed washroom most of the time).