Ready to Travel

Ready to Travel

Monday, October 24, 2011

The view from The Que - Albuquerque

Did I mention the sad state of affairs of vehicles in New Mexico? Can the fact that they never get safety inspected have anything to do with it? Can the fact that they're held together with "duct tape, wire and chewing gum" according to a Taoseno have anything to do with it? I saw a Toyota 4-Runner missing the front left quarter panel. I saw a relatively new VW Beetle with NO HOOD - entire engine compartment exposed to the world. Makes me think twice about buying a used pickup in New Mexico.
Anyway - day 1 of our time in Albuquerque. Kevin has found a Crossfit gym and went to  a class. I stayed in the waiting room reading and dreaming of margueritas and mojitos. He got a nice t-shirt out of the deal.

Then the drive to Old Town for a stroll around the plaza with jewellery stores, Indian pottery and, surprise surprise another Catholic Church.

 In the Rattlesnake Museum.

 In Duran's Pharmacy (lunch counter) for Tortilla Soup and lime soda.

 Another occupant of the Rattlesnake Museum.

 Low tech parking meter. Match the number on your parking slot to the number on the board. Shove your dollar bills into the hole using your car keys if necessary.   I'm not kidding.
In the kitchen of the house we've rented is a cookbook from The Range Cafe - an institution since 1992 in Bernalillo (close to our rental). Well of course I read the thing, not only for the recipes but for the history of the place. Had to check it out. Went to the bar part (the Lizard Lounge) for Blood Orange Margueritas. Kevin had a Cranberry Coconut Mojito.