Ready to Travel

Ready to Travel

Sunday, October 9, 2011

It's been quiet in Santa Fe

It's been a quiet few days. Other than grocery shopping I haven't gone out much. Oh yes, and walking Caine the dog. Today the sun is out and the sky is studded with clouds. The clouds here are just so beautiful. There was a flock of about 30 robins following Caine and I on our walk today. Are they migrating somewhere? Haven't seen them here before in these numbers.
Tomorrow Kevin is due to fly in to join me for the rest of the housesit/vacation.
I spent today using up my museum pass. I headed to downtown Santa Fe to see the New Mexico History Museum (I'd give it a pass. Lots of signage, not many artifacts/exhibits) and the Museum of Art which has some fantastic pieces. The original seat of government, the Palace of the Governors was my next stop. Each day 63 Native Americans get to ply their trade under the porch of the palace. Who gets to sit each day is a matter of lottery. They are accredited artisans with documentation from the government vouching for the authenticity of the goods they have made. OK now I'll give you something to look at before talking any more.

The plaza is a rectangle and the perimeter is shops, shops, shops and restaurants. Didn't see tacky t-shirt shops. Most of the places were galleries and selling locally produced art, leather goods and jewellery. There were lots of people but fewer than you'd find in St. Jacobs on a Saturday in the summer. You could actually mosey down the sidewalk! There's a historic hotel called La Fonda and a famous Basilica of St. Francis, a gazebo hosting a breakdancing competition and people picnicking in the square. Very friendly, nice music - an afternoon well spent.
These boots have my name all over them.

 A cooking school!

 Kevin,, guess where we're going for dinner one evening?

 Stone fish in a sand and gravel sea.

 The Day of the Dead will be here soon.

I wish I could get one of these things on the plane.
To all my Canadian friends and family, Happy Thanksgiving. Eat some turkey and cranberry for me.
For my American friends and family, Happy Columbus Day. Eat a Columbian.