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Ready to Travel

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The importance of connections

It never ceases to amaze me how one thing leads to another. My neighbour Lynn, like me, likes to sew. As I like to chase down a bargain or a freebie, I asked her if she knew anyone with fabric they weren't using. I've opened a shop on etsy selling aprons. Turns out she asked a friend who mentioned it to her sister-in-law. Long story short...I got to poke around this amazing sewing room and scored lots of lovely fabric, buttons...even a dressmaker's foam dummy I can use to display and photograph my aprons. I'm packing it up, along with my sewing machine, and will be making aprons while I housesit in B.C.
My husband designed my shop banner and avatar with suggestions from me. This is what it looks like

 Here are the two latest additions to the apron inventory.

There was an article in the weekend National Post about aprons. It profiled a woman who has been collecting vintage aprons for years. It brought back memories of my mom's aprons, replete with embroidery. Apparently the apron is no longer the 'symbol of domestic oppression' and has become quite the fashion item. Thank Betty Draper of Mad Men.