Ready to Travel

Ready to Travel

Monday, February 27, 2012

Sun, sun, sun

A beautiful, sunny day here on Salt Spring, although it's cold. I walked the dogs in Duck Creek again today. Here's a panorama of the park.
Brought the little monsters home, climbed out of my muddy mudskipper pants and headed into town with my camera. Ganges is an interesting place. Small, but lots of stuff going on. There are lots of places to eat, bars, a nice park right down by the harbour, excellent used book stores.... I bet the energy is fantastic during 'the season'.
Here's a few pictures
Wind sculpture by Lyman Whittaker - saw his stuff in Santa Fe.

Guarding the harbour

The price of groceries is reasonable, given it's an island. The fruit and veg comes from California and is reasonably priced. During the summer there are a lot of active farm stands around the island. I'm interested in trying lamb from sheep farms at the south end. Walking the dogs this morning at 7:30 I heard a rooster crowing. There are a lot of chickens on the island and several people have stands by the roadside with chicken and duck eggs for sale on the honour system. $4.00 or $5.00 a dozen, which I think is a bit steep.
Lots of boats out and about today and I just spied 2 kayakers on the opposite side of the bay. Cyclists seem to be enjoying the sunshine today, too.
From the back deck
Guarding my room
Tomorrow I become a 'townie' and move into the b&b for 2 weeks. I'm going to explore the southern part of the island and try to catch some live music.