Ready to Travel

Ready to Travel

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Kevin arrives on Salt Spring

Kevin arrived Saturday morning and the sun shone in all it's glory for 2 days. I hope he didn't get used to it. It was nice to eat a meal out on the deck and watch all the bird and boat traffic, though. Monday and Tuesday are overcast with rain on and off.  I dragged him to the local cinema for a showing of The Artist. Tonight we have tickets to a harbourside restaurant for Tapas Night, Friday our friend Chris is coming for dinner. We take the dogs for a walk every day and it gives us lots of photo ops. Kevin left the charger for his camera battery at home so we need to order one on-line asap. He has taken some fantastic shots of the sunset in HDR mode which my camera won't do. Speaking of which I will follow up on my last rant. The little battery for camera was $45.00 and neither Henry's nor Black's in Waterloo stocks them. For an extra $5.00 my husband bought me a new camera. It doesn't do panoramic like my old camera but it takes nice pictures.
Here's a combined effort of the Simpson Photography Team.

Burgoyne Bay

Doin' what labradoodles do

The dogs are teaching Kevin 'fetch'