Ready to Travel

Ready to Travel

Thursday, March 29, 2012

If you have sunshine, send it westward

Woke up to another rainy, sunless day but you just have to get out there and do stuff anyway; that and the cleaning lady needed us out of the house for 4  hours. We walked the dogs up on Channel Ridge. Stanley and Kevin are getting along very well. Stanley is a super smart dog and Kevin's convinced Stan can understand English. He has the intelligence of the poodle and the retriever inexhaustability of the Lab.

We headed back into town and the dogs amused themselves in the back of the truck while Kevin and I lunched at the Treehouse Cafe. Fantastic food and a funky restaurant. There's at least one tree growing in the middle of it and it's very low roofed. I don't think my brother could stand up in it. But the food.... oh the food.

Then over to the grocery store. To say the island has a lot of characters would be an understatement. I can't tell if they're running a Hemingway lookalike contest or a Santa Claus lookalike contest. Lots of white hair, white beards and the just plain weird.

Brought the dogs home, switched vehicles and headed south.
First stop, eggs
Then over to the cheese maker's and Ruckle Farm. Pics courtesy of Kevin.
 I love this picture of the chickens. As soon as I saw them, this joke started in my head....'so this blonde, this brunette and this redhead go into a bar'......
Ha, you're seein' it too!

 This should be my profile picture

Grandma's Beach, Ruckle Provincial Park