Ready to Travel

Ready to Travel

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Too much wildlife!

Today was gloriously sunny and we used it to good advantage, taking lots of pictures. While calling my mom to wish her happy birthday we spotted
4 quail on the deck railing, one otter on the rocks around the deck and one kingfisher. Amazing what the sunlight brings out.
While Kevin was in town having a massage I was busy shipping my Blackberry Playbook to Tennessee for repairs - 3 months old and never worked right; the result of which I discovered that Fed-ex will deliver stuff to salt Spring but you can't get them to pick up in Salt Spring. For that you need to go to the courier in town who ships it to Fed-ex on Vancouver Island. Now I will have the pleasure of trying to recover $20 from the RIM customer service people.
Then I took the mutts on a trail on Mount Maxwell. The air is so clean and it is so quiet in these beautiful forests. The occasional bird chirp, little rivulets and streams heading down the mountain, occasionally turning into waterfalls, the wind in the trees....only interrupted by me yelling encouragement to Stanley who's searching the underbrush for the toy I fling for him.
We then headed south to find an old vehicle graveyard we found on an earlier trip to Ruckle Farm.
Home to a dinner of homemade salmon cakes, french fries and crepes with strawberries for dessert. Not very paleo but very, very yummy. While tidying up the dinner dishes we spotted an eagle perched on the rocks and heard a thumping and squealing and grunting noise from under the deck. Both dogs were in the house so I'm not sure what was doing what under the deck. Rats, raccoons???? Perhaps we'll find evidence tomorrow.
Last night was a full moon and Kevin took some very lovely pictures.
Here's today's adventures;
Moonlight on Welbury Bay

Skipping Stone Beach - where I'll be working this summer

Old guy, old trucks