Ready to Travel

Ready to Travel

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

night walk through the Duthie Gallery

There's an interesting gallery near the Ganges Harbour.  During the summer, from 9pm to 11 pm you can access an illuminated sculpture garden. It's quite magical wandering through the forest and coming upon light installations or illuminated carved wood and bronze sculpture.

 You have to be careful, though as sometimes you can get assaulted by drunken tourists wandering over from Moby's.
Speaking of sculptures, we have our very own Carl Sean McMahon sculpture to proudly display in our home. He made this especially for us and I am going to spend a lot of time looking at it.

Today will be spent packing and loading the car. Departure from Salt Spring Island is 5:15 a.m., Wednesday. We have packed spare batteries, charged everything that can be electrically charged and will post as often as we can. Kevin and I are both looking forward to some amazing scenery.
We catch the ferry from Victoria to Port Angeles, Washington and from there work our way south to Seaview, Washington, just north of the border with Oregon.
Wish us luck and a safe journey - I'm hoping that the accident I've already had is a talisman against anything else happening :)