Ready to Travel

Ready to Travel

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Rapid City here we come

Day 6 (?) finds us on the road from Lander, Wyoming bound for Rapid City, South Dakota. We stop for a quick breakfast in Riverton at a small restaurant on Main Street. It's been a long time since I ate off Melmac plates with plastic utensils and coffee mugs...but the food was good and the people watching was very, very interesting. Our first stop for gorgeous photos is the Tensleeps Canyon. The road passing through this is often closed in the winter and I can understand why. The views are breathtaking and awesome. It's unfortunate you can't get the true sense of scale of the place...

We just keep getting impressed by these American cities. Rapid City was a happening place. Lots of families and tourists. They have bronze statues on every corner of a former president, the shops are funky, there's a wide range of dining options and everyone's having a good time.

The Firehouse Brewpub.

Everyone needs a 'dammit doll'

Not the cigar store indian!  how cliche.
When we left the restaurant we looked down the street to a lovely square in the centre of town. They were playing Men In Black II on a huge digital screen and there were all kinds of people parked on blankets, on lawn chairs, having a picnic and watching a movie outside on a lovely, summer evening. I think this would be my ideal place ....only a ten minute drive to a small but vibrant small city but with a house in the wilderness just on the outskirts. We returned to our lodgings at Hisega Lodge, sat on the second story verandah and watched the bats feeding while listening to the rushing creek somewhere close by.