Ready to Travel

Ready to Travel

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Still enjoying Wyoming

So let's see, we've been to Seaview, Washington; Bend, Oregon; Boise, Idaho; Afton, Wyoming; and have landed in Lander Wyoming at the end of Day 5.
The bed and breakfast is about 5 miles outside of Lander. It is comprised of a main house (which used to be a lodge and served breakfast) and 4 lovely cabins. They are large, well appointed and sitting in a gorgeous, quite spot surrounded by the Wind River Mountains...gorgeous sandstone cliffs all around us, golden ground squirrels, the occasional deer.

Our guide on the river float knew we were going to Lander and, being a history buff, suggested we look for the Sacajawea Cemetery. Although it was not marked, we managed to find it. Sacajawea was a 15 year old wife of a french fur trader by whom she had an infant son. Lewis & Clark hired the French trader and Sacajawea to help them on their Expedition. As told to us by our guide, the furtrader proved so incompetent Lewis and Clark fired him but Sacajawea stayed on and proved invaluable to the explorers. She was a Shoshone Indian, kidnapped as a child by the Blackfoot and then traded to the Crow as a slave. Her knowledge of these tribes and languages helped smooth the way for the expedition. And she did all this with an infant to care for.
We had a terrific dinner at the Cowfish Cafe in downtown Lander. I had lime marinated flank steak and Kevin had elk. We sat outside, drank our margueritas and watched the crowd next door at the Lander Brewing Company. The brewpub was family oriented with lots of picnic tables on the huge outdoor running around, everyone having a great time.
The Lander Brewpub - guy on the left looks like Ted.

Inside the Cowfish Cafe

Outside the Cowfish Cafe

I asked the waitress if I could purchase 2 Cowfish Cafe glasses. She gave us two glasses, all nicely wrapped and packaged and didn't charge us for them. Unfortunately they are Lander Brewing Co. glasses, not the Cowfish (whose logo I love). This is the outside of the restaurant at nigh

We decided to walk a bit of Main Street snapping photos. Small as it is, there's money in Lander and a great energy about the place. I would definitely re-visit this little slice of heaven.

How's this for a coffee table?

The next morning we depart Lander for the drive to Rapid City, South Dakota.