Ready to Travel

Ready to Travel

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sand and water

Well, water they have a lot of around here....sand, not so much. Wednesday we booked a two hour kayak paddle with guide and group. Kevin and I shared a tandem sea kayak which was great fun. We both paddled but Kevin had foot pedals that allowed him to steer which is so much easier than steering via paddling. We were a group of 6 and we paddled past 4 small islands just outside of Ganges Harbour. Took us about  an hour to get out and about 20 minutes to get back in. We had the incoming tide and the winds at our backs on the home stretch. We stopped at Goat Island, originally the sight where early homesteaders pastured their goats. It's now private and turned into a nature preserve. I spotted an eagle and a mink on this island. There was a harbour seal and her pup near us on the way back in.

Earlier in the week we went 'off island' (from the small island of Salt Spring to the bigger island of Vancouver Island). Took the Vesuvius ferry over to Crofton and drove north to Courtenay.
We stopped for lunch in Parksville. Grabbed some take out Thai food and headed to a picnic table on the beach. Toured the sand sculpture competition - sculptors from all over the world.

Joan of Arc

It's hard to believe that in two weeks time we'll be heading back for Ontario. We are going to meander but our stops for the night are already booked. If anyone has suggestions of what to see on this route let us know. Our stops will be:
Night #1 - Seaview, Washington
Night #2- Bend, Oregon
Night #3 - Boise, Idaho
Night #4 - Afton, Wyoming (just south of Jackson Hole)
Night #5 - Lander, Wyoming
Night #6 - Rapid City, South Dakota (near Mt. Rushmore, Deadwood, Custer State Park)
Night #7 - Sherburn, Minnesota
Night #8 - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Night #9 - hopefully home.