Ready to Travel

Ready to Travel

Sunday, August 26, 2012

The long road home

Oh my, the current adventure is over and I'm tapping my toes until the next one starts. The trip home to Ontario from Salt Spring started out on August 15th with good blogging intentions. We drove for long hours during the day and often had to get back in the car to find a place to eat after we'd checked in. I took a notebook with me on the first night to record some of our observations over the course of the day. That good intention pooched on  day 2. I consoled myself by saying I'd try and memorize new items for my blog. Fat chance when you have Menopausal Alzheimers.
We were up super-early (for me) on the 15th to catch the ferry from Fulford, Salt Spring Island to Swartz Bay, Vancouver Island. Another ferry took us from Victoria, B.C. to Port Angeles, Washington. The scenery in Washington was gorgeous and the weather was much hotter than we anticipated.In place the in-car thermometer was registering 35 degrees centigrade. We drove east from Port Angeles to the Hood Canal and then headed south and west to Seaview.
Someone with a well established sense of irony named Hood Canal. It is one of the largest fjords in North American and cuts into the state from north to south. It was odd to be so far inland and see salt marshes and tides and seabirds. We stopped along the way at Cannon Beach and Newport, old haunts that Kevin wanted to revisit. We were in Oregon 6 years ago for Devon and Debra's wedding and did the coastal highway drive with Jeff.
Washington certainly wins the award for interesting place names. I think my favourite is Dosewallips, followed closely by Lilliwaps.
Waiting for the ferry from Victoria to Port Angeles

Beside the Hood Canal

In Cannon Beach, Oregon - they love their hydrangeas in the northwest.

Another funky espresso coffee hut.
We also loved these funky coffee huts we saw everywhere. On our last trip, too late, we realized we should have been making a photo documentary of them. With the exception of "The Human Bean" and the Dutch Brothers Coffee the rest we saw were individually owned. All of them are these coffee huts placed on a parking lot. All of them are decorated in a really funky way. All of them are drive through only and they ONLY serve espresso. Can't just get a normal coffee. Anyway, we saw them in all the states we drove through to get home and have photos of anything we could shoot through a moving car window.