Ready to Travel

Ready to Travel

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Day 2 - Seaview, Washington to Bend Oregon

This trip was interesting for the variety of scenery we covered. We had oneof our  last looks at the ocean in Seaview, Washington. We drove the few blocks to the beach where you could drive out onto the sand. The wind was fierce and the breakers were really rolling in. We saw the same situation in Cannon Beach. It's a huge tourist area and there were tons of people and dogs on the beach....but NOBODY in the water. I would think the riptides and huge waves keep them all out. Heading east from Newport Oregon we sniffled a bit knowing it would be a while before we saw the sea again. The terrain changes from tall trees and coastal vegetation to horse farms, pasture and,eventually desert by the time we arrived in Bend, Oregon. We stayed in the Mill St. Inn which has a very interesting story. The building (and a lot of others in Bend) were purchased by a very interesting woman who got her start as a fashion designer in New York. She supplied the costumes for Saturday Night Fever and Taxi Driver. But she lived like a normal person, bought her clothes second hand....but she was a character. One of the things she was know for was carrying her cell phone in a Red Ryder Gun holser strapped to her hips.Oh yes, and she got her pilot's license when she was close to 60. She never let anyone know how much money she had. She started renovating all these buildings. Last year she died of lung cancer caused by asbestos exposure. She bequeathed the Mill St. Inn to the local college. She gave the bed and breakfast business to the current owner, her friend. So he pays rent to the college and any profits he generates from the bed and breakfast he gets to keep. The suites were beautifully decorated...the whole place was a feast for the eyes. And the current innkeeper knows how to make breakfast. There were about a dozen of us in the inn that night and we all sat at individual bistro tables scattered over the mail floor. He made two quiches but used corn tortilla chips for the crust instead of a normal crust. The food was outstanding. It's very, very hard to eat a paleo diet when travelling so we appreciated this.
Kevin found us a Mexican restaurant called El Jimador. This just happens to be the name of our favourite Marguerita in a can. It was 9pm and there were people walking all around that part of town. Turns out the MuchMusic studio is down the street and everyone was leaving a concert. But it wasn't rowdy. Also, a lot of the kids were already back in school by this time so there were a lot of college kids walking around. We spoke to our waiter, a fellow from Mexico, who had come up to Bend 14 years ago to study at the college and stayed on. He said about 20% of the population of Bend is Mexican and he loves it there.
Mt. Bachelor is just outside of town and is huge for mountain biking, skiing, hiking. A lovely place I hope we can return to one day.

Another funky coffee hut

The Mill St. Inn - she's from Brooklyn and the statue was a gift from a friend.

The parking lot fence at the Mill St. Inn