Ready to Travel

Ready to Travel

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Day 3- Bend, Oregon to Boise, Idaho

Ok - by now it's all becoming a blur. I remember that it was very, very hot during this drive. Temperatures were still between 33 and 35 degrees. It was dry, desert-y with sagebrush and few trees and the colour was mostly brown. We deliberately stayed off the Interstates because it was a more interesting drive. Someone had mentioned the fires they were having out west and we saw evidence of this (and smelled it). There was quite a large fire about 35 miles from Boise and we could feel the effects of it in our eyes. The road to the town of Priceville (?) was closed off. It was also interesting to see the effects of winter snow in this area. Many of the roads had those railroad type crossing arms with signs that said "If this is flashing the road is closed. Turn around and go back to ......". We saw these all through the western states, and not just up in the mountains, either. When we stopped at Craters of the Moon National Monument in Idaho Kevin commented on these poles at the side of the road with reflectors at the top. I told him this marked the road edge in winter and he laughed at me saying they didn't get that much snow. The guide later told us they get 3-5 feet in the winter and the poles, indeed marked the road edge.
We stopped in Boise and stayed at a lovely bed and breakfast. It was another century home/mansion that had been converted to a b&b. It was only about 5 blocks from the Basque Square section of Boise (the city is divided into sections, or squares). There was something going on. One of the sidestreets was closed off and there was a concert going on. We ate at Mai Thai at a table on the sidewalk patio. Watching the flow of people in downtown Boise on a week night was so interesting. All shapes and sizes....again we were struck by how clean, friendly and busy these american cities are at night. We have never seen anything like it...certainly not in Kitchener or Toronto.
The taxi drivers all lined up along the curb along the stretch of road where our restaurant was located. The first guy in line got the fare, drove away, and everyone else moved their taxi up one spot in the line. New guys pulled into the end of the line. It was all so civilized.
The taxi driver waiting in front of where we were sitting must have been an artist. He got out of his taxi with a sketch pad and came around to the the passenger side of the cab. Leaning against it, he opened his book and started sketching. Because he kept looking at Kevin and I, I assumed he was sketching us. I took out a my camera and took a photo of him sketching us which brought a funny smirk to his face.
And can I say that Mai Thai (despite being a thai restaurant) makes the best Mojito I have ever had (with the exception of the ones that John Craven one can muddle mint like Johnny can). I miss you guys.

A starving taxi driver who's an artist or a starving artist who's a taxi driver?

Something distracted Kevin from dinner - that doesn't happen often.

Downtown Boise, the Basque District

On the walk back to our b&b we stopped to take the photos above. There was a bench and fountain there. I looked down and found a 8 mg. card you use in your camera. We took it home and looked at it to see if it had pictures on it. Nothing - so Kevin has a new card for his camera. Bonus!